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Free Yearly Horoscope for 2017

General overview

The transit of Jupiter in your 11th house of profits, social activities and fulfilment is one of the highlights for Scorpio throughout 2016. This should give you the confidence you need especially with the Moon’s association as the year commences. Friendships of all sorts should be rekindled now after a rather confusing period. This also indicates better networking and connections in your business and, if you’ve felt somewhat out of the loop professionally, this can reignite your passion to do better at work and to nicely blend your professional and social activities.

Mars gives you a boost as it transits your Sun sign on January 4 then trining Neptune on the 18th. These are all signifiers of not just greater physical energy but provide a bolster to your imagination and creative skills. You’re also able to take your spiritual ideals, ruled by Neptune and give them a practical twist, thus creating a distinct advantage for you.

Your love life, and in particular the creative approach you take to romance this year will also be important as shown by the solar eclipse on March 9 occurring in your 5th house. This eclipse is in the opposite sign to Jupiter so this will drive a lot more energy into your social activities. In this department of your life things are most definitely changing, and changing drastically. No longer are you subject to the whims and fancies of others but will rather be weeding out those people who no longer are of any use to you. There may be nothing personal in this, but as the year progresses you’ll realise more and more that your time is a valuable commodity and you can’t share it with all and sundry. Discrimination is one of the big keywords for you throughout 2016.

The lunar eclipse on 23 March is powerful in a spiritual way and also in some ways at crosscurrents with the Jupiter trine Pluto aspect on the 17th and the Jupiter Square Saturn aspect on the 23rd. These 2 aspects have a lot to do with contracts, income and the way you’re better going to handle your material life whereas the eclipse on the 12th house has more to do with finding true value within yourself and making sure that you find peace and happiness independently of anything you do in the outer world with anyone else.

You can acquire great power this year as well and that is shown by Jupiter trining Pluto in June. Your own power will be met by the association of others whom you respect or admire for your achievements and the feeling will be mutual. It’s a time when you can feel privileged and proud of your achievements and could find yourself in the company of high achievers who will further advance your career during this phase of your life.

With Saturn still taking it’s time into 2nd house of finances and income, don’t expect this year to be a super duper bumper money year. You’re learning some important lessons about cutting back on expenses, gaining knowledge about what to do with less and generally respecting money more. You have the assistance of your partner or spouse who is ruled by Venus and the conjunction of these two planets earlier in the year is representative of the fact that you’ll be working closely with them, bringing both your talents together to create something unique which can eventually yield better results financially.

Your style of communication is also changing and the way in which you deal with people is shown by the 3rd house and the very powerful transit of Pluto which is only now halfway through this particular house of your horoscope. The Sun makes a heavy-duty conjunction in the first week of the year and this reflects your formidable Scorpio energy and the fact that you may be regretting that you haven’t used this in your negotiations for some time. That’s about to change. A cool and ruthless approach packaged in respect and diplomacy will be the way forward now.

With Neptune transiting your 5th house, the spiritual essence of your being can be brought to light, and will be expressed in your trying new creative activities which are connected to your higher mystical self. More spiritual activity is quite likely throughout 2016 but in particular the challenging square from Mars on August 26 could frustrate you in that you may know what you want to do but responsibilities or other people hinder you. In fact, what’s more likely is that you need to clearly define what it is you want to do and how you will bridge the gap between your material and spiritual needs. If you have children this is a time when you can clearly connect with them and imbibe some of their childlike qualities, is aspects of childhood that make them happy. Apply these insights into your own processes in life.

On September 9 Jupiter makes its once only in 12 years transit to your 12th house of Libra. This further represents the increasing spiritual urgency for many born under Scorpio. Let’s not use this word too specifically because more loosely speaking spirituality can take many different forms. Compassionate works, generosity either within your social and family group or even on a global scale through humanitarian organisations may be more appealing to you. This transit lasts about 12 months and gradually increases your awareness of spiritual phenomena, with powerful dreams and a speedy development of your intuition and psychic powers.

Because Pluto is your ruling planet it’s stationary and retrograde movement are particularly notable for you and on September 27 just after Jupiter transits your 12th house it moves into its stationary direct motion, having spent some time in a process of revision. As it moves forward you’ll feel the resurgence of your own self energy, something that may have been missing for many months. You’ll feel more confident about yourself and generally speaking will be in your own element.

Once again, a lunar eclipse in your 5th house on 17 September along with the prior square from Saturn to Neptune on the 5th house all indicate caution being necessary in any speculative ventures. There may also be some misgivings about the behaviour of your children or a lover if you happen to be in a new relationship. Your creative activities may also grind to a halt as you hit some sort of imaginative resistance. Rest assured this will pass and you should use this time to further analyse yourself to better deal with your emotions.

You want to do things bigger and better than anyone else throughout October and when Mars transits your 3rd house of communications on September 27 a new cycle of intense communication takes place and this will need to be checked as your self-confidence won’t be in keeping with the reality of the situation. Frustration could develop into anger and God forbid, a retaliatory response on your part especially when on October 19 Mars moves into the conjunction of Pluto and on the 29th to the square of Uranus.

This period of the year is fraught with danger and self-confidence that is grounded only in ego needs to be cast aside. Humble yourself, don’t be afraid to ask questions and realise your limits so that you can steadily improve yourself to achieve the things you want - maybe not as quickly as you’d like but at least safely and surely. Things will appear to emerge speedily but unpredictably due to the action of Uranus. Contracts and workplace agreements may be on a slippery slope so you need to that in the bud and the just things when and if they arise. But slow things down.

On November 9 Mars moves to your 4th house reflecting a need for more domesticated activities, closer ties with family and maybe even some redesign, sale or even purchase of property. Don’t take your anger out on your loved ones as Mars is likely to do that. Also around November 25 Jupiter trines Pluto and this indicates you may be dealing with manipulative individuals trying to take advantage of you. Reading books by Machiavelli and other political schemers will put you one step ahead of the pack.

In the final month of the year Mars at least makes a favourable aspect to Jupiter on the 2nd just before moving to your 5th house on the 19th. You are injury prone at this time but this may simply be because you’re trying to push yourself beyond your physical limits. Exercise, competitive sports and other outdoor activities are favoured but should be done so in a cautious manner. This should also be exciting with a great deal of generosity being part of the mix with Jupiter opposing Uranus. You don’t need to spend loads of money the show your loved others but I don’t think my advice here is going to help change your mind too much.

Romance and friendship

Mars squares your 4th house of family and domestic activities on 4 January just 2 days after Mercury enters the 4th house and highlights this area of your life as the year launches. The right angle of these two planets however is not always conducive to smooth discussions and especially when Mercury goes retrograde on the 6th up until the 26th, it’s best to listen a little more than you speak so you don’t put your foot in it.

On February 17th Venus and is your 4th house and prior to that Mercury, on the 14th (once again). This cycle should be far better for any sort of communication based on understanding and a smoothing over of any previous difficulties.

Mercury enters your 5th house on March 5 and then Venus also joins the planetary parade bringing with it romance, affection and even the odd dalliance if you happen to be single. Entertainment, socialising and fun activities usually accompany these sorts of transits. For some of you of childbearing age, this could be the time when you consider having a family.

On April 13 with the trine of Venus to Mars and on the 15th Mercury in trying to Jupiter, expect upbeat communications and loads of passion. This should be an excellent period to physically and intimately connect with the one you love. You’ll seem to have a lot more in common with the person you’ve chosen as a soulmate and if not yet hitched, this is one of the better times of the year when love can come knocking at your door.

On April 30 Venus enters your marital zone, the 7th house, and throughout May exceptionally good transits promise a continuation of good luck in your romantic connections. On May 3 the Sun trines Jupiter, and Mercury on May 14 moves to the conjunction of transiting Venus, all in this marital zone indicating beautiful communication and warmth of affection between you and your partner. The general public will fall in love with you and you can use this energy to win the trust and friendliness of even strangers.

Sexual affairs and intimacy of a physical nature are strongly hinted at through the transit of Venus through your 8th house after May 24 which coincides with a sexy Venus-Mars opposition on the 25th.

On June 5 Venus squares Jupiter so be careful of wasting time and your sexual energies with someone who may not be prepared to reciprocate. Arguments arise as Mercury opposes Mars on June 10 with the square from the same planet Jupiter on June 23. This month could be beset with emotional entanglements, resentment and head on confrontations. Tranquility is your keyword.

During July the transit of Venus in your 9th house forms better planetary relationships and this reveals an opportunity to travel and to do so on a social footing preferably with the one you love. Singles can anticipate holiday romances, online connections and the opportunity to enhance their love life for some unusual means. On July 31 whole new cycle of socialising commences with Mercury’s transit to your 11th house.

August is an important month for friends and with Venus transiting to this area on August 6 but with a hard square to Mars on the 7th you need to lay all the cards on the table and figure out who’s with you and who is against you. It’s quite likely by being forthright you’ll improve your relationships because Venus moves to the conjunction of Jupiter on August 28 signifying warm feelings and transparent, honest expression. Venus also moves to your 12th house on August 30 and in some astrological circles this is seen as a very passionate and loving time.

In September a solar eclipse in your 11th house further accentuates your need to understand friendship and your context socially in the scheme of things. Don’t force the hand but rather ask for people’s opinions particularly around September 13 with the repeat Mercury square Mars aspect. You should be forceful in all your communications leading up to the 27th when Mars moves to your 3rd house.

Try to say as little as possible in the first week of October as Mars squares Jupiter. This occurs in your 3rd house of communication so you may hear some unsettling information and could be prompted to take part in gossip or some malicious rumours and the advice is to stay well away from that. Jupiter in your 12th house suggests secret enemies. Expect better times and more enjoyable communications after 25 October when Mercury enters your Sun sign.

Mars seems to be in fast forward mode as it moves again to your 4th house on November 9 perhaps giving you the opportunity to complete what you’ve started earlier in the year domestically. Venus is an excellent omen for better communications around November 12 when she moves into your 3rd house of communications.

Plans should not only go ahead but will be bigger and brighter than usual when on December 2 Mars moves to the trine of Jupiter with Mercury moving to your 3rd house of communications. You may want to surround yourself with a lot of people this Christmas and is also evidenced by Venus’s transit to your 4th house of family affairs. You want to be seen to be bigger and better than everyone else this year but don’t let your ego get in the road of balanced festivity especially after the 19th with Mars moving into your 5th house of competition. Christmas Day should be beautiful one full of love, with a perfect trine of Venus to Jupiter.

Work and money

Your income may be derived from the usual sources in 2016 but after September when Jupiter moves to your 12th house of secrets, you could be looking further afield to diversify your income streams and perhaps could even result the something little unusual to gain extra cash. The 12th house is also notorious for foreign affairs so perhaps different cultures will attract you and this means an opening for you to extend yourself professionally through these resources.

In January the Sun, ruler of your professional sector trines Jupiter on January 14 subsequently leading up to this date good news should come to hand and particularly because the Sun and Mercury happen to be in your 3rd house with Pluto, you’ll be stepping up your negotiations and demanding a better position for yourself in 2016. You mustn’t be seen to be weak.

In February and March the Sun transits through your 5th house of speculation, creativity and competitiveness. You can combine all of these three activities to produce something of note. But you need to be on guard against health issues especially around the 20th and thereafter when the solar eclipse takes place in your 6th house of work and health. Try not to burn the midnight oil. If you’re careful you can take advantage of the Sun trine Mars aspect which occurs on the 26th. This will bolster your physical prowess.

New partnerships can be brokered as the Sun transits your 7th house after April 20 and then forms a favourable aspect again to Jupiter on 3 May. On the 21st transit of Saturn to the 8th brings your attention back to shared resources, banking, taxes and other sort of financial affairs which are somewhat in the hands of other people. Don’t take shortcuts as taking responsibility in this area could actually be the key to making or breaking your finances this year.

Excessive waste and draining yourself of vital energy could take place in June particularly leading up to the 4th when the Sun and Jupiter form a harrowing square aspect and Sun moving into your 9th house on the 21st with Mars spinning back around into direct motion on the 30th might signify some legal problems arising. This will also affect studies, and journeys as the 9th house has jurisdiction over all of these areas of your life.

The pinnacle of the Sun’s transit takes place after July 22 with the movement of the Sun through your 10th house. You mustn’t waste time in acquiring any sort of new position that you’ve had your heart set upon. Don’t be afraid to throw you hat in the ring and believe in yourself. Several aspects in August also support this and they include the transit of Mars to your 2nd house of finances on August 3, the lunar eclipse of August 18 in your 4th house of property and the also equally favourable transit of the Sun to your 11th house of profits and acquisitions on August 23. On September 1 a solar eclipse occurs in your 11th house of profits but this also nudges business connections and networking so be ready to plug into a wider circle of people who can help advance your profession and help you earn more money which is reflected in all these above aspects. Property will also be a way for you to gain extra cash.

Guard your finances throughout September as Jupiter, one of your fortunate planets and ruler of your 5th house of investments moves to the 12th house of expenses and loss. Simultaneous with this we see the Sun transiting to the same place on September 23. On the other hand, the conjunction of the Sun with Jupiter in this zone on September 26 could indicate some unexpected income from foreign sources.

You may be your own worst enemy in October, financially speaking , with Mars squaring Jupiter on October 6. Being a spendthrift and particularly for the purposes of showing off won’t help your cause. You are however popular and this is shown by the transit of the Sun to your Sun sign October 23. The solar return is always an excellent lift for the spirits and luck generally.

With Mars moving through your 4th house between November 9 and December 19, get your house in order, and if any financial matters are outstanding relating to financial transactions, levies and housing now is the time to sort those things out. Once again you can be forceful in the way you dynamically handle contracts and discussions because on 21st December the Sun moves to your 3rd house of contracts.

Karma, luck and meditation

Because the Moon rules your 9th house of higher mind and spirituality, the lunations and eclipses in particular will be important in determining your spiritual progress throughout 2016. On March 23 the lunar eclipse in your 12th house of deep spiritual understanding takes place. This signifies a turning point in your life and probably a full understanding of the implications of some of the errors you made in life and how you’ve come to be who you are. This is a form of emotional release and also a letting go of the past.

The future karma portion of your horoscope is ruled by the 5th house. A solar eclipse on March 9 in this area along with another lunar eclipse on September 17, are both accentuate this part of your horoscope. Connecting with the deeper, spontaneous and creative parts of your psyche can bring you fulfilment.

If you’ve been holding back from doing something which gives you great pleasure because, as an example, you don’t feel you could make money out of it, this is a big mistake. The progress you make through this particular area of your life, such as hobbies or creative pastimes are a big plus in accelerating your spiritual development.

As mentioned earlier, Jupiter’s transit to the 12th house of your horoscope is also notable and this takes place in September 9. This completes a twelve year cycle of a understanding for you. You are about to begin a whole new level of experience and this may come with some attrition, a letting go of things that were previously held dear, including some relationships. Your karmic planet, the North Node is currently transiting your zone of friendships and most certainly in this area, you have to make some sacrifices in order to move to this next new level of self-understanding.

A couple of other important transits relating to your self-development occur when the Sun transits your 9th house on June 21, and Mars, your ruling planet fully brings into focus your 9th and your 10th houses. The 9th and 10th houses rule spirituality, the fruition of past Karma and your professional life respectively. You can expect positive results from the efforts you’ve made previously and you’ll see that 2016 will indeed be remembered as a time when you were able to break free of several challenges which have held you back from attaining your goals.

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