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About Scorpio

About Scorpio Zodiac Sign

General characteristics of Scorpio

Scorpio is the fifth sign of the zodiac. The stars now known as alpha and beta Librae represent the southern and northern claws of the scorpion, which gave them their present name, also called Scorpio. The sign is shown graphically by an "M" in the last stroke out is an arrow pointing upward. The first two curves symbolize the energy of the Scorpio and the arrow, the poison dart.

The Scorpio is intense with an emotional energy that is unique in the zodiac. They are well known for being part of the sign of great mystery and sexual power, and they also have a tremendous power of seduction. They are passionate beings in all actions of their life and when they make a decision they fight for their ideals to the end. Scorpio is a sign with great magnetism; it is emotional, decisive, powerful and passionate. The Scorpios can be resentful, stubborn, jealous, obsessive compulsive

In the place of employment the Scorpio can be successful in almost everything. They can be great doctors, scientists, police, detectives, lawyers, writers, any profession related to investigation, education, laws or psychology and philosophy.

In love, the Scorpio is the sex symbol, and they are very passionate and very sensual. He or she is a very sensitive person and that is why in most of his relationships he is open and honest. They do not like superficial relationships and they want their partner to be fully dedicated to the relationship and to give them all the attention. Scorpios intensity of feelings makes love relationships be deep and magical.

Element: Water

Ruling planet: Pluto

Gemstones: Black Onyx , Blue Turquoise , Amethyst , Red Jasper , Fluorite ,Opal, ruby, topaz and carnelian

Colors: Green, black and red

Most compatible signs: Cancer, Virgo, Pisces and Capricorn

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Scorpio Birthstone

Red Jasper has been known to alleviate stress, remove negativity and for stabilizing the aura. Keep Red Jasper close to sooth the nerves and clear the mind during meditation. It is also a valuable stone for protection; keep it close to you and your loved ones.

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