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Sagittarius Yearly Horoscope

Free Yearly Horoscope for 2017

General overview

The predominance of Saturn on your Sagittarian Sun sign will prevail throughout 2016 and is the background against which most of the other planets’ influences will be felt. The caution, conservatism and seriousness needed to be alleviated will be the primary requirement to make your year a little easier. Mars moves to your 12th house on 4 January indicating the need to carefully monitor your expenses. This may also have something to do with your children's health as Mars rules your 5th house which rules children. As it trines Neptune it's a fortuitous aspect occurring on the 18th and indicates the likelihood of quick recovery but also signifies spiritual activities which will uplift you.

On March 6 Mars moves to your Sun sign and this brings with it dynamic energy and a very ambitious streak. You’re also likely to be both competitive and creative. With the conjunction of transiting Venus at this time your passions will also be at an all-time high. On 17th Jupiter, your ruling planet, trines Pluto and being in your 10th house of professional activities is an excellent omen for expanded activities in your workplace with the possibility of increased income. Jupiter will continue to transit your 10th house up until 9 September when it then moves to 11th house of profits. Friendships will also be on the upswing after this and for the first time in 12 years you’ll see the fulfilment of some of your long cherished dreams and ideals.

Pluto continues to travel through your 2nd house of finances and this is very telling on just how important money and commercial activity will be throughout 2016. You are transforming your attitudes to money and although the climb to the top may be difficult for a while you’ll definitely make good headway and will start approaching your finances in a completely different method. You need to be careful however that power plays don’t get in the way of peaceful acquisition of new streams of income. As the Moon is a strong ruler of your 8th house of shared resources, the lunar eclipse on March 23 in your 11th house of profits also adds weight to the Pluto testimony of a great deal of change in your attitudes and the way you earn money throughout the coming 12 months. Jupiter squares Saturn on May 26 so problems at work could be encountered so be smart enough to sidestep any confrontations as Mars also re-enters your Sun sign on May 27 indicating a battle of wills with those you either work with or whom you’re in relationship with. Take a step back, listen to what others have to say and don’t be reactive even if what is said isn’t to your liking. Throughout April and May the Sun will transit your 6th house of workplace activities and health as well. You should check your work schedule and see that you’re not overdoing it. Making money is one thing but if it’s going to be at the expense of your physical well-being you need to reappraise your priorities.

Trying to get others to understand your vision will be difficult especially throughout June when on the 18th Saturn fully squares Neptune. This simply means your ideals will be out of sync with what is practically possible. Saturn rules your finance and to some extent your communication sector so how you convey what it is you want to others will be paramount to achieving your goals now. Jupiter will again trine Pluto so manipulation and power plays with businessmen or salespeople is on the cards as well. Be careful when dealing with strangers or those trying to take advantage of you.

A conjunction to Saturn occurs on August 24 and you’re likely to feel frustrated in your relationships. This is a time when you need to have a good fallback plan and also exercise more patience when dealing with others. You won’t be able to achieve what you want as quickly as you would like even if you know precisely where you want. Others will obstruct you and won’t even be on the same page as you although your explanations seem completely rational.

Leading up to August 26 Mars squares Neptune so be mindful of the medication you take as you could react allergically to pharmaceuticals or even everyday foods that you’re not able to assimilate. You must also be careful of deception on the part of others. Neptune moves through your 4th house in concert with the South Node, both spiritual and karmic planets so 2016 should focus your attention on how to improve yourself and your relationships with family members for the purpose of elevating yours and their spiritual well-being. On the domestic front, there may be some blurred or fuzzy understanding about construction, changes in the home and even purchasing or selling of real estate. Check and double-check all of your facts and figures if this happens to be the case.

A solar eclipse takes place on September 1 in your 10th house just preceding the transit of Jupiter to the 11th house, as mentioned earlier. Professional matters will be high on your agenda and there’s a possibility that some born under the sign of Sagittarius will opt to make plans for a new job or a complete new direction. This will entail a complete rethink about yourself and what your real objectives in life are. If you’re dissatisfied with your work you have an opportunity to revise this and to move in the right direction which will give you great satisfaction.

With the trine aspect of Mars to Uranus on September 17, an exciting new trend is in place. The transit of Uranus in your 5th house brings with it a continuing progressive attitude mentally and creatively. Romance and love affairs are also touched by this combination with at once startling, tantalizing events. Expect the unexpected leading up to this date. You may also want to try your hand at some new and unusual hobbies or activities. Because of the influence of Mars, you have a physical drive which indicates a new lease of life and a desire to physically exert yourself, as in taking on a new exercise regime.

Mars creates a double-edged sword when it moves to your finance sector on September 27 indicating a renewed drive for more financial activity and increased income but at the same time the likelihood of disagreements with those you deal with financially on a day-to-day basis. If you don’t have any sort of clarity with these people the chances are you will have a head-on confrontation with someone during the period of September 27 to November 9, during which Mars remains in this part of your horoscope.

You want to do things in a big way and leading up to October 6 the square aspect from Mars to Jupiter shows that you are ambitious but perhaps a little too impulsive, not taking into account your limitations. Rather than rushing off madly into a direction which you think is going to make you rich, why not spend more time planning and consulting with those who have a broader base of understanding that can help you achieve your future goals in terms of security? As well, this transit will lead into the conjunction of Pluto which indicates an indomitable spirit to achieve your objectives. Be careful that you don’t steamroll others by being too fixated on what you want. Your keyword during this period is sensitivity.

The square aspect from Mars to Uranus October 29 can go one of two ways, depending on how you handle these previous Mars aspects. If you’ve planned adequately you overcome the challenge and potential losses that may be incurred through negligence and speculative investments and are not based on careful analysis. On the other hand, recklessness and greed for money without the requisite study and consultation will cost you dearly. If you’re a sports person you’re also advised to take it easy and not exert yourself too heavily. This is a typical aspect for physical injury. If you are a parent it can also indicate problems with unruly children. An improvement in your circumstances is likely after November 9 when Mars moves to your 3rd house of communications. Mars is comfortable in this position and also gives you the travel itch. You know exactly what you want and if there are any negotiations at this time you will come out a winner.

Saturn continues to transit through your Sun sign and this can have a very sobering effect all round. It’s a slow transit and is only somewhat halfway through your Sun sign. Depending on which date in Sagittarius you’re born, you’ll feel the effects more or less but rest assured that this makes you far more traditional and conservative. Being conservative, this also influences your relationships. You may want to settle down, and also in terms of work, will be looking for something that’s reliable rather than exciting and ad hoc.

The square aspect in October of Mars to Jupiter is softened by the December 2 trine of Mars to Jupiter and this means you’re far more aware of what you’re capable of doing so will arrange new plans. With Mars moving to the 4th house on December 19 much of your energy will be focused on your family affairs just before Christmas. On Christmas Day the Saturn trine Uranus aspect brings with it a healthy balance of tradition and progressive thinking. This should be an exciting but steady Christmas with interactions generally going smoothly. The only exception to this is the opposition aspect from Jupiter to Uranus on December 27. You need to keep some of your opinions to yourself and be mindful of the type of new social contacts you make.

Romance and friendship

2016 takes off with a bang as Venus transits your Sun sign. This shows you are particularly attractive to others and have a higher sense of self-esteem. And with Mercury moving to your 3rd house of communications on January 2, you’re likely to combine your graceful charm with clever communication to make a big impact wherever you go.

Around the 10th however when Venus moves to the conjunction of Saturn, you find that some of your upbeat affections and expressions will be somewhat dampened. This is also due to the transit of Mars to your 12th house, the secretive and low key area of your horoscope.

Travels and love could overlap during February and when Venus transits your 3rd house of short journeys on the 17th, you’ll find yourself busily running around here there and everywhere. You could have an online romance if you are single and this could be exciting but family matters start to dominate again when the Sun moves to your 4th house on the 19th. Balancing your personal and family obligations will be tricky.

Try to keep a lid on your opinions in March when Mercury squares Mars. This happens on 5 March just about the time when Mercury transits your 4th house of family and Mars edges into your Sun sign on the 6th. It may be difficult to sidestep others taking a swipe at your belief systems but remain diplomatic and understand that not everyone is going to think the same way as you.

Venus moving to your 4th house on March 12 smooths things over and brings much more peace to your family and to your inner self. This should be a happy period and passionate as well because on the 15th Venus squares Mars bringing with it many opportunities for sexual and affectionate experiences. A lunar eclipse in your 11th house on the 23rd following the transit of Mercury and Sun transiting your 5th house of romance and love affairs is a very powerful combination which promises to give you exciting social opportunities.

Mercury also trines Mars on the 25th which reflects your need to express your needs at this time. Finding friends or of like mind will be very high on your agenda. Excitement, fun times and entertaining environments will be part of your life at this time. This period continues to bring a great deal of satisfaction for you especially because Venus transits your 5th house on April 6 and continues in this area up until the 30th. Several other good aspects during this period promise to help you combine leisure activities, hobbies and love life into one homogenous pastime. Some of you may actually fall in love under this transit.

The Sun transits your 7th house of marriage, public relations and love connections on May 21 and shortly after on the 24th Venus also enters the same area. Alliances made under this transit lead to a stronger commitment with your lover. You may however if single, be challenged by the daunting task of choosing between one or more people. Rather than rushing headlong into this sort of decision, especially if it has long-term ramifications take your time and be honest with each other about your feelings.

Venus and Mars are in opposition leading up to 25 May with Mercury opposing Mars on June 10 while it enters the 7th house on the 13th. Once again negotiations will be clearly spotlighted however as these aspects are difficult ones you need to work through some of the problems as in any relationship. Several of these challenges may not be sorted out immediately but will be more a long-term strategy of ironing out differences with the one you love.

Long-distance journeys are indicated by the transit of planets in your 9th house and in particular Venus on July 12 forecast travel with someone you love or a rendezvous with friends at a distance. Mercury transits the same zone on July 17. Excellent aspects between the 22nd, when the Sun also transistor 9th house and the 30th shown by Mercury and Venus aspects to your Sun sign. The hard aspect of Mercury to Mars on the 30th could be a problem with miscommunication being at the heart of them.

Your social activities are strongly influenced by planets transiting the 11th house. This takes place particularly with the transit of Venus on August 30 and then the Sun moving to the same place on September 23. There could be shifting your energies to an expansion of your social circle and even using these connections to improve your financial status as well. You will make new friends and if you’re bored with the current status quo, this cycle will give you ample opportunity to enlarge your circle of influence and make new connections.

Lively communications occur when Mercury also enters the mix on October 7. Thereafter on October 14 Venus returns to its original position of January reviving your need for social acceptance. This could include a complete makeover but more importantly a review of your personality and how that may or may not be helping or hindering your relationships. Venus remains in this position up until November 12.

All in all, 2016 should be focused on shifting your communication style and making an impact on others through your persuasive abilities. On December 8 Venus enters your 3rd house of communications and fully expresses these abilities. Try to tie up any loose ends before December 19 when Mercury goes retrograde and miSunderstandings are likely.

Work and money

Renegotiating the terms of your employment is not a bad idea throughout 2016. You have early opportunities especially from 2 January when Mercury transit your 3rd house of contracts. It does however go retrograde on the 6th so if you can’t resolve anything prior to that it’s best to wait till it moves forward on the 26th.

As mentioned in the opening to your reading, the Sun, Pluto and Mercury transition to your 2nd house of income when 2016 commences so it shows just how committed you are to improving this part of your life by earning more money. But you must be careful not to do it ruthlessly and to have a good plan that allows you to proceed in a systematic manner. Mercury re-enters your 3rd house of communications and contracts on February 14 along with Venus on February 17. This will be an ideal time to speak with your employer or if you are an independent business person, to negotiate a great deal for yourself. Venus will help you do so in a very charming way without too many objections.

Real estate and speculation are strong in March with Mercury and the Sun transiting your 4th house. Mercury’s entry to this area on March 5 also continues negotiations and Venus on March 12 secures any sort of deal you are hoping for with its transit there as well. Speculation is seen by the 5th house and on 20 March the Sun moves to your 5th house with a lunar eclipse on the 23rd aspecting your 5th house. A few problems occur with the square aspect of Mercury to Saturn on the 15th, the square aspect of Venus to Saturn on the 26th and the loose square aspect of Venus to your Sun sign all through the month of March and up to April 20.

Speculation is strong and you’re likely to invest in something throughout this period but health issues could pop up after 20 April with the Sun transiting your 6th house and Mercury moving retrograde in this 6th house as well. Have a medical checkup if you have any concerns physically as this may impact on the quality of your work and vice versa.

The Sun and Venus enter your 7th house of public relations on the 20th and 30th respectively. Improving the circumstances of your work and your relationship with co-workers will be a priority for you.

Dealing with shared resources and other people’s money, especially if there are investors involved in your business will come to the fore during the transit of Venus into your 8th house after June 18. The Sun and Mercury also enter the 8th house and move into conjunction on July 7, therefore negotiations and discussions with bank managers, taxation department and other financial advisors is a good idea now. Renegotiating your loans will help save money on interest that must be paid.

Legal matters designated by the 9th house are spotlighted with the Sun’s transit on July 22. The trine aspect on August 2 from the Sun to Saturn ensure a positive outcome but only through slow and steady, possibly protracted discussions.

The 10th house of the horoscope is one’s professional achievement and career. You can expect good things to happen with the transit of Venus to this sector on August 6, the Sun on August 23 and a powerful solar eclipse as well house on September 1. An elevation of your status and position is likely at this time but you do have some challenging aspects interspersing these major house transits. They include the August 6 square of Mercury to Saturn, the August 14 square of Venus to Saturn, and the Sun square Saturn aspect on September 2. Bear in mind as well, that the August 30 retrogression of Mercury will throw a spanner in the works even if you’re eventually likely to come out a winner in this area. Accept any invitation for interviews for a new position either within your current organisation or elsewhere. For some, the strong solar eclipse could herald the beginning of a new career path.

Business profits will increase with the transit of this under the 11th house on September 23. Mercury also transits the 11th house on October 7 so these cycles are generally favourable for a boost in income. It’s also a good time to connect with people who can help you with your business. One of the best transits throughout 2016 is the combination of Venus and Saturn, two first-rate finance planets in the conjunction of these two occurs October 30. All of these transits augment your ability to earn money at fulfil your financial and professional objectives.

The 12th house is notorious for high expenses along with the 6th house and when the Sun transits this part of your horoscope on October 23, along with Mercury on October 25, take care to count your pennies and not spend wildly unless absolutely necessary. If you can get through these cash burn periods successfully, the rest of the year should go reasonably well especially with the transit of Mercury to your second house of income on December 3 the Sun transiting the same place on the 21st. Once again retrograde Mercury on the 19th cautions you against making any rash decisions as far as contractual obligations are concerned.

Karma, luck and meditation

Essentially finding peace within yourself is shown by Neptune moving through your 4th house and is one of the keys to achieving a better spiritual state in 2016. With Mars moving to your 12th house of spiritual emancipation and trining Neptune, the spiritual planet on January 18, you make great headway in your spiritual endeavors in this first part of the year. The combination of the Sun to Neptune is also an excellent addition to these favourable transits.

Jupiter continues to bless you with good fortune and good karma, particularly in your professional sphere as it transits this area of your scope until the latter part of the year, September 9 to be exact. The North Node, another karmic point in your horoscope is also in close conjunction with Jupiter indicating that this is an important year to cash in on some of your karmic and spiritual benefits. Some of your efforts over the past few years will now come to fruition. Jupiter’s position here is a once in twelve year transit.

One of the most powerful spiritual aspects is that of Sun and the conjunction of Jupiter in your 11th house on September 26. This is just after the transit of Jupiter to your 11th house signifying communications with a new breed of people who may also have a spiritual leaning and can help you to attune yourself to spiritual energies. This 11th house may also reflect some good coming from your past and can be experienced in the form of a dramatic increase in your income and a better all-round material situation in life.

Uranus in your 5th house indicates your future karma and could specify some rather sudden or abrupt changes in your fortunes. As long as you have a game plan, stick to your ethics and deal with people in a fair way you shouldn’t have too much trouble. Uranus shows are also prepared to try a whole new range of exercises or activities to help further your spiritual development throughout 2016.

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