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Free Yearly Horoscope for 2017

General overview

Your finances continue to be well supported by the transit of Jupiter in your 2nd house of finances, at least up until September when the great benefactor moves to your 3rd house of communications, journeys and siblings. There could be a significant shift in your energies at this time as you work harder on fostering a greater level of understanding between you and the people you normally interact with on a day-to-day basis.

On January 4 when Mars moves to your zone of domestic activities there may be a stepping up of your work and family commitments but you must be careful not to let your short fuse create disruptions and disputes among a you your relatives. You’ll be impatient at this time especially with things related to the decor and physical structure of your house. Perhaps you will be doing some work around the place and others may not be pitching in and doing their fair share of work. Better results can be expected when Mars trines Neptune around the 18th.

Romance is on the way up with Mars moving through your 5th house of love affairs in March you could seek out new and like-minded people during the transit of this planet to your 7th house. With the solar eclipse in your 8th house on March 9 this will really stimulate your sexual energies and your need for a more intimate connection with your loved one. This is also a transformative period allowing you to clear out emotional baggage that is now no longer necessary in your life.

With Jupiter transiting your 2nd house of finances and in good aspect to Pluto on March 17 you have the drive and willpower to achieve big things and to attain your material objectives even though there is a square aspect from Jupiter to Saturn on the 23rd along with a lunar eclipse in your house of contracts on the same date. This will help you be more cautious in any negotiations during this period. Saturn is in retrogression on the 25th in your 5th house of speculation and this also adds a more conservative tone to your business and speculative ventures.

Expect a more consistent financial status after May 9 with Jupiter moving forward in its motion. The repeat square aspect of Jupiter to Saturn indicates a continuing nervousness in your finances which is good because you’re not likely to do anything too rash. During this phase you’ll also be prepared to try new things and to eliminate those old systems that are no longer working for you. This is a restructuring period.

Throughout August you need to take precautions with your health and particularly leading up to the conjunction of transiting Mars with transiting Saturn on August 24 you are advised to avoid any dare devilish activities which could cause you or others any sort of risk. Reschedule dangerous activities to a later date.

September is also a particularly significant period when on September 9 Jupiter transits into your 3rd house indicating an expanding of your mental horizons, travels and the seeking out of new and stimulating environments. On September 10 the square aspect of Saturn to Neptune is particularly challenging however as what you clearly envision may not easily be translated into practical reality. You’ll need to hone your skills, and clearly identify what and how you are going to achieve your goals during this period. You must step outside of your normal mode of thinking and this can be done when Mars trines Uranus around the 17th. Your innovative approach will be the key to your success.

On September 27 Mars moves to your 6th house of work environment and co-workers. It also impacts upon your health On October 6 Mars and the hard aspect to Jupiter shows that you may be trying to do too much too quickly. If you’re working as a team player others may oppose you and want be able to identify what your vision is even if you have a clear understanding within yourself. Try to articulate for those who are not up to steam with exactly what you have in mind. These difficult transits may also be damaging to your health so it’s vital that you pay attention to your body signals and rest when necessary.

Mars moves to your 7th house on November 9 and this shows your drive to create powerful relationships may be met with some power plays as evidenced by the square aspect of Jupiter to Pluto on November 25. This month requires a delicate balance of ambitious drives with diplomacy to get others on side. This may also relate to those who employ you. Negotiating with them will be central and again another key to your ongoing success throughout 2016 and beyond. Throughout November the continuing and favourable trine aspect of Saturn to your Sun sign ensures that you’re able to shoulder responsibilities in a dignified manner and in a way which will impress others.

There are positive omens indicated by the Mars trine Jupiter aspect on December 2. Any negotiations or contracts which have been delayed can be fruitfully resolved during this cycle. Mars is moving quickly to the 8th house of shared resources and partnership monetary issues on December 19, just before Christmas. If you can tie up any loose ends in this area it would be best for your peace of mind during the festive season.

You are able to balance conservative and progressive aspects of your work and even apply some of this technique to your personal life as well. If something hasn’t been working for you now is the time to change it. This trine aspect of Saturn to Uranus is exceptional leading up to the 25th but the opposition of Jupiter to Uranus on the 27th means that some of your plans may be executed haphazardly or without too much of a consultative process. You must guard against that if you are to ensure 2016 ends on a peaceful note.

Romance and friendship

2016 is all about communication, talking about how you feel and especially with your life partner or spouse as Mercury enters your 7th house of marriage on January 2 and then again on February 14. Connecting with your loved ones and to some extent business partners will be important at the outset of the year.

For a while Mercury will be in its retrograde motion and moves into your 6th house. This is not an altogether good position especially while in its reverse cycle so don’t try to pin others down or contractually obligate yourself or them. Wait until after every 14th to finalize matters. On January 21 the square aspect of Uranus can cause you to be high strung and this will add further confusion to your life. Leading up to February 6 transiting Uranus is in favorable aspect to your Sun sign which is why you want to do something bold and different. Try to keep the traditional elements in mind as others may not be able to keep up with you.

Developing a better understanding of relationships requires research and honest self-analysis which will take place after March 5 when Mercury enters your 8th house of self-transformation. Along with this transit the eclipse of the transiting Sun on March 9 further highlights this important “fact-finding mission”. You may not want to communicate too many of your ideas at this time as on the 15th Mercury opposes Jupiter and is also in square to Saturn. You will be in two minds about how to deal with the issue of sharing your problems and about how much to reveal.

You may find it hard meeting the demands of your love life and your work commitments around 23 March when Jupiter squares Saturn. You may be full of tension realizing you can’t continue doing things the way you have been but if you develop enough tolerance and self-acceptance this will pave the way for some better opportunities within and without.

After 1 April you will experiment with your relationships and the transiting Mercury conjoined to transiting Uranus in your 9th house of long-distance journeys accentuates this fact. You will meet new friends through your professional activities after the 6th, when Mercury transits your 10th house. On the 15th communications reach a peak with the transiting Mercury trine Jupiter favoring not only your personal life but your business activities as well.

Your friendship planet Mercury transits your 11th house of social activities on June 13 promising yet again another crowning period for networking and making new friends and all of this will be based upon your need for high quality communication. One of your keywords now is intelligence and if others don’t meet your expectations you’ll have no hesitation in ditching them for someone who has a more interesting persona. Be careful not to overdo or overstate your position on the 23rd or leading up to this date is Mercury squares Jupiter. Others might think you’re exaggerating your claims.

You may be rash in your choice of friends and lovers throughout the first week of July as Venus squares Uranus. Once again there are strong hints of travel and intercultural activity as Venus transits your 12th house. Don’t be scared to scrutinize others and ask probing questions.

When Venus transits your first house or Sun sign on July 12 a new cycle of personal esteem and self-confidence commences. You will be quietly confident that what you portray will be received well and this is augmented by the Mercury trine Saturn aspect on July 19, and also the trine from this planet to Uranus on July 27.

Exciting times await you in August with Venus trining Uranus however around the 14th with the square of Venus to Saturn which is transiting your 5th house, your emotions and sexual desires may completely cool off. This could be something that comes from within you or is initiated by your partner or lover. In any case, fortunately this is not a long-standing transit but one that will certainly get you thinking about how to improve things in the department of romance.

This trend continues throughout October when Venus transits your 5th house of love affairs on the 18th. This is one of the better periods of the year when not only romance but your personal creative output could be higher and better and you should feel really great about yourself. All forms of entertainment are also favored under this transit so expect plenty of good times with friends and lovers during this cycle. With the exception of the October 30 conjunction of Venus and Saturn which should again be a revisit of the cooler and more aloof affection you had earlier in August, however, generally your love life should be more satisfying.

Someone you care about may turn on you in November when Venus transits the 6th house while Mercury is transiting the 5th and this will occur around the 12th and 13th November respectively. You could be excessive and demanding so this could build up to a crescendo on the 25th when Venus squares Jupiter. With Jupiter in your 3rd house you need to be careful not to say too much or too big to provocative by expecting others to toe the line and live by your standards. Respect will be your keyword at this time.

The transit of Mercury to Uranus and Saturn to your Sun sign throughout November will be a counteraction to some of these harder planetary aspects and when Venus moves into your 7th house of marriage on December 8 you’ll feel thoroughly fulfilled in many areas of your romantic or marital sphere. This sets the tone for an excellent Christmas period where you also feel good about people generally. Venus trining Jupiter on the 25th ensures that there will be some significant surprise awaiting you. Enjoy the festive season.

Work and money

Jupiter ensures a good financial position throughout 2016 with this continued transit through your 2nd house up until September. Its close proximity to the Moon and your North node as the year starts is further testimony of ample opportunity to increase your financial position. These combinations are usually lucky but you need to be careful not to allow your desires to get out of hand.

Mercury is principally your income and profit planet ruling the 2nd and 11th houses of your horoscope. Its position in your 6th house as 2016 starts warns against excessive expenditure which could be a result of an easy flow of income from the Jupiter and Moon contact. Although you will earn a lot of money, spending more than you earn will of course be a problem so try to balance the income and outgoings in the next few months.

Confusion over your shared resources is also a possibility with Neptune in your 8th house and kicking off the year with a square from Venus may show unreal expectations. Others could also deceive you with this combination so do be careful especially in work matters to make sure you study any contracts in a detailed fashion. Venus is your career planet and being in hard aspect to Neptune indicates a fuzzy sort of combination highlighting your inattention to detail and looking at the world through rose colored glasses.

And speaking of work, you have somewhat of a rebellious and progressive nature this year even though the first month or so may be a little quiet. This can be expected as Venus moves to the conjunction of Saturn around January 9. Trine aspect to Jupiter from Venus on February 10, the trine aspect to Saturn on April 19, its transit into your 11th house of profits and good business connections on May 24 and in particular the excellent conjunction to Jupiter in your 2nd house of finance on August 28 are particularly notable dates when your professional life can reach significant high points in the year.

Venus transiting your 4th house on September 24 and the 5th house on October 18 with a desirable trine aspect to Uranus on November 5 also additional dates when real estate matters, meeting new and helpful people and even business opportunities through lovers are to be expected. The Sun’s transit into your 10th house in late April and throughout May is also an exceptionally good time for an improvement in career, a better position and if you have the opportunity this is an excellent time to take interviews for a new job.

One of your biggest tasks in the coming twelve months will be dealing with work colleagues who want to dominate and manipulate the professional relationship you have with them so the onus is on you to remain aware and diplomatically handle these toxic characters. With Saturn transiting your 5th house (which is the 12th house to the 6th (, the indication is that some of those long standing co-workers may not exactly be supporting you in reality, even if they appear to be. Be watchful for secret enemies through this period.

Speaking of Saturn in your 5th house, it’s important to stick to more conservative ways of investing. Real estate is probably a better bet. Do things in small measured steps financially and you are likely to come out on top. Investments, dealing with these workplace issues and also generally attaining a better financial position will be a challenge for you in December as Mercury, finance ruler transits your 6th house of debts and financial obligations. This is well offset by Venus transiting your 7th house indicating that you should rely on other people who are trusted advocates and allies. A new partnership may start just before Christmas and this, as I mentioned in your romantic segment, is further testified by the Venus trine Jupiter on December 25.

Karma, luck and meditation

Taking care of family responsibilities will indeed have a positive effect on your karma throughout January and February. Mars transits your 4th house and with the North node or karmic point in your 2nd house of finance, you need to extend your generosity to those who need help within the family sphere in particular. This is also shown by the close proximity of the Moon, ruler of mother and domestic affairs. Insights will be gained around January 18 when Mars trines Neptune from the 4th house to the 8th, both spiritual houses of the zodiac.

Mars is transiting your 5th house on March 6 and is indicative of spiritual insight and possibly even an initiation of sorts. Some of you who are sporting buffs, you may reach that “zone” of self-actualization by breaking the limits or barriers which have been imposed on yourself, mainly by you. Extending and amplifying your positive feelings through uplifting self-talk is advised during this cycle.

Your psychic abilities are very strong and will continue to be so as slow-moving Neptune winds its way through your 8th house self-transformation and spiritual insights. Uranus also transiting your 9th house of philosophy and the higher mind is significant because it shows that you’re prepared to break new ground and investigate new forms of philosophy and religion which better suit your life at this time. After September when Jupiter transits your 3rd house Uranus will be very powerfully activated and some new understanding may emerge.

The big challenge for you in 2016 seems to be from the 5th house transit of Saturn which puts the brakes on your emotional and creative output. The more creative you are, the greater spiritual insight you will experience by discovering that activity which moves along the line of least resistance. You will indeed be able to accelerate your spiritual growth and self-development during this period. In particular if you’re a parent, mending broken relationships in this area will have a tonic effect on your spiritual life, not to mention the greater satisfaction your children will achieve by growing closer to you.

You could seek out new and like-minded people when Mars transits your 7th house on November 9. But the opposition of Neptune to transiting North node may be an issue for you especially if what you’re hearing is not in keeping with what your conceptual framework of spirituality is all about. In this case you need to keep an open mind and listen without judgement to what others have to say as they may indeed be able to help you improve your insights into these topics.

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