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Free Yearly Horoscope for 2017

General overview

With an early transit of Mars to your 11th house of social engagements on January 4 expect the early part of 2016 to be chockablock full of fun times with friends and new acquaintances. You’re assured of a lot of luck this year particularly because of the initial conjunction of the Moon and Jupiter in your 9th house with your North Node, the karmic point of past Karma. In short, you are due for a lot of good results from previous actions and this could play out with the high quality type of people you meet. You must be careful however not to let overconfidence and excessive idealism blind you to the reality of the characters you are actually dealing with. This is shown by the Venus Square Neptune transit on January 6.

Getting a hold of your finances is also important in January with Jupiter stationery-retrograde on the 8th. Jupiter rules your expenses to some extent while transiting your 9th house, you’re likely to commit yourself to travels and even lengthy holidays which you can ill afford. Try to manage your finances better. This is further accentuated by the transit of Venus in your 12th house and moving to the conjunction of Saturn on January 9. Relationships may not fare too well at this time.

As mentioned earlier, Jupiter’s transit through your 9th house is extremely fortunate and it aspect on your Sun sign brings with it promise of good fortune throughout the year up till 9 September when it moves to your house profession. Good fortune will be transposed to this area of your life and you can expect the last few months of 2016 to be peppered with some exciting opportunities in your work.

Dealing with your own health issues, or perhaps that of a friend, is indicated by the transit of Mars to your 12th house on March 6. Your energy may be much lower during this cycle probably because you’ve been pushing your life too hard in many different directions simultaneously. This is a wake-up call to pay due attention to your body’s needs. Sleep more, eat healthily and take some time out to give yourself some well-deserved love and attention.

Throughout 2016 the transit of Uranus in your zone of domestic affairs and family can be unsettling. It’s a long-standing transit and can bring with it many unexpected twists and turns in your life. You have to have a much better schedule and make sure that everyone is on the same page to avoid misunderstandings. This planet is squaring your Sun sign and many of you will be feeling as if this part of your life is out of control.

On March 17 Jupiter trines Pluto and then on the 23rd squares Saturn. You will have the power and energy to make things work but could be undermined by your own incapacity to let go of the past. It’s imperative to free yourself of negative thinking and depression throughout this period.

In March the solar eclipse on the 9th in your 3rd house of communications and a lunar eclipse on the 23rd in your zone of profession indicate a need to re-evaluate your work and the manner in which you are doing business. This could also extend to your relationships and shows just how important language is in either making or breaking important connections.

Your creativity should be sparked throughout April with the Sun moving to your 5th house on April 20 and then Venus to this same zone of love affairs and creative output on the 30th but only after it makes an erratic conjunction to Uranus on April 23 signifying a rather disturbing chain of events in your love life. With the 5th house transit you should use your creative imagination to figure out new ways to enhance your love life.

Excellent transits by the Sun throughout the 1st week of May to Jupiter, Pluto and your Sun sign up until the 9th ensure some lucky breaks in several areas of your life but in particular the continuation of satisfaction in your romantic affairs. On the 11th, 14th and 15th, Venus reiterates this streak of good luck by making exactly the same aspects as the previous solar ones. Jupiter makes a hard aspect to Saturn on the 26th so you could be in two minds over travel engagements or where you may even choose to live in the coming months or years. Make sure you have all the information at hand to to make well-informed decisions.

Neptune warns that you must be on guard against nebulous discussions, miscommunication and erroneous assertions when dealing with others this year. This very slow transit will take years to move through this area of your horoscope, that is, the 3rd house and therefore your commitments now and contractual arrangements could have repercussions for many years henceforth. Do ask for clarity in any negotiations.

Taking on additional responsibilities throughout August is reflected in the Sun trine Saturn aspect. This takes place from the 8th house to Saturn’s transit in your 12th and could say quite a bit about the way you handling your finances, your interaction with business partners or even your spouse. The long and the short of it is that this is a very favourable aspect and you’ll be happy to clear up any problems in this area of your life.

Legal matters may be a problem throughout September with the solar eclipse in your 9th house on September 1, a Square aspect to Saturn on the 2nd and in opposition to Neptune on the 3rd. The earlier advice to take precautions in your negotiations is given here again and shows that this time, responsibilities could weigh quite heavily on your head if you slip up in your conduct, negotiations or agreements. An improvement takes place on September 7 with the Sun trining Pluto and showing a good use of your energy and power especially with Jupiter’s transit to your 10th house on the 9th. This is the commencement of a new twelve year cycle and will affect your professional life significantly. At this time the Saturn Square Neptune aspect shows that you will be struggling to keep your feet on the ground while at the same time having extraordinary plans and visions for your future.

Venus transits your 11th house on September 24 while Mars moves to your Sun sign on September 27. Leading up to October 2 Venus also trines Neptune on these aspects show your dynamic energy and drive to forge new relationships. An ideal friendship can be formed at this time.

Take care after October 8 the Sun forms hard aspects to Pluto, your Sun sign on Uranus. These challenging configurations occur between the 6th and 15th with Venus moving to your 12th house on the 18th and Mars conjoining Pluto on the 19th. These are complex aspects and indicate issues with your health, vehicle, injuries and possibly intense bickering. It’s best use the low-key energy of Venus on the 12th house to take some time out and spend it alone rather than confronting others. You will feel confused about relationships leading up to the 26th when Venus squares Neptune. On the 29th of Mars squares Uranus and this is a typical red flag aspect endangering you. Take every precaution to stay out of harm’s way. The conjunction of Venus and Saturn on the 30th is not particularly good for your romantic life either. Feelings on both sides could be rather cool.

Expect an improvement in your love life in November with the Sun trining Neptune, Venus trying Uranus and Venus on the 12th moving to your Sun sign. These vastly improve your communication and popularity with the opposite sex. Now is the time to make peace. You mustn’t allow the Venus square Jupiter aspect on the 25th to cause you to spend more than you need to ingratiate yourself to others. Maintain your dignity.

The last month of the year could see you weary even though you still have big plans are shown by the December 2 Mars trine Jupiter. Venus moving to your 2nd house on the 8th is excellent for finances and you can expect some additional income at this time especially with the sudden but fortuitous Sun trine Uranus pattern on the 12th. You will be hard pressed to muster up enough energy to complete your tasks on the 12th with Jupiter’s hard aspect to your Sun sign. A revival of these waning energies is seen on the 19th when Mars enters your 3rd house. Expect lots of travels and communications throughout the festive season. Love should be strong on the 25th when Venus trining Jupiter - a lovely end to the year but do be careful on the 27th with Jupiter, your ruler of expenses, opposing Uranus in the 4th house. Some unexpected costs of a domestic nature may knock the gloss off your otherwise happy Christmas.

Romance and friendship

For your Sun sign of Capricorn, Venus is particularly important in matters of love as it rules your 5th house. Mars and Pluto dominate your 11th house of friendships and the Moon your marital affairs. As mentioned earlier the early square of Venus to Neptune on January 6 is a cautionary aspect which should set the tone for the rest of the year. You need to qualify all your relationships throughout 2016 before giving your heart to anyone. These aspects can be confusing and especially generally 9th when Venus transits Saturn you may feel worn out and incapable of showing any affection. This can change with the transit of Venus to your Sun sign on the 24th.

You are intense in matters of love leading up to 6 February as Venus moves to the conjunction of Pluto and on the 7th the square of Uranus. The Sun squaring Mars on the 7th, the same date shows that you will be impulsive and looking for something just that little bit different. throw the baby out with the bathwater as you want a relationship that is going to be of a lasting nature rather than a quick fix emotionally. It’s best to wait till around the 8th, 9th or 10th when Venus trines Jupiter bringing with it a much more favourable influence on your emotional affairs.

Travels and excellent communications are indicated by the transit of Venus your 3rd house on March 12 but your passions may be out of control with the square of Venus to Mars on the 15th. Think carefully about the repercussions of your actions especially when meeting new people. You have the upper hand and more power on the 17th with Jupiter trining Pluto. Your idealism is at an all-time high leading up to the 21st with Venus shifting to the conjunction of Neptune. In the same month the lunar eclipse in your 10th house of profession displays a need to deal with work-related issues and how that may be impacting upon your marriage or long-term relationships. This will have further damaging effects around the 25th and 26th when Venus opposes Jupiter and squares Saturn.

Family affairs will be dearer to your heart with Venus transiting your 4th house on April 6. The trine aspect to Mars on the 13th shows you can work through any issues that may have been disrupting the peace of your family circle. But this may be short lived with passions flaring up again between the 23rd and 30th when Venus is conjunct Uranus and then also moves to your 5th house of love affairs. These influences carry through into May with great energy coming from the May 11th trine aspect of Venus to Jupiter, on the 14th the trine to Pluto and on the 15th, with a continuing favourable influence from Venus to the Sun. You will be predominantly preoccupied with matters of love during this interval.

Your social affairs ramp up after May 27 with Mars moving to your 11th house. During this phase it will be retrograde and particularly strong by the fact that it rules your 11th house and shows that your focus will shift to dealing with some friendship that is demanding a lot of time or effort on your part. Mars goes stationary on June 30 and this should get things back on track socially speaking.

You could become obsessive about someone in July as Venus opposes Pluto on the 1st. Try to get things in perspective and don’t be so irrational. The square from Venus to Uranus on the 8th indicates that along with the Sun opposing Pluto on the same date. Venus moves to your 8th house of sexuality and deeper emotional issues on the 12th and forms a steady but positive aspect on the 20th to Saturn. You may not have the passion you want at this time but the intimacy you develop will steady your feelings and that of your partner. Venus oscillates between managing these deeper emotional colours and despairing that you cannot possibly solve the relationship problems between 15 August and September 11. You may take drastic measures to gain some personal satisfaction only to find that you’ve screwed things up. Think before you act. The lunar eclipse in your 3rd house on the 17th is a celestial prod to think carefully before you speak and understand clearly the ramifications of words which can’t be retracted once spoken.

You may simply wish to get away from things in late September and October with Sun moving to your 11th house on the 24th. Venus quickly moves to the 12th house on October 18 once again squaring Neptune on the 26th showing that your feelings may be distorted. There could be a separation from someone leading up to the 30th with Venus conjunct Saturn.

Venus moves to your Sun sign on 12 November, an excellent aspect and one which restores your self-esteem bringing with it a desire to perhaps modify your make up, hairstyle or wardrobe. In any case you’ll feel good about yourself and want to interact and mingle with others. Spending money on yourself is also likely after December 8 with Venus moving to your 2nd house of finances. At least you may have the money to make these modifications as desired. Christmas Day produces an excellent aspect between Venus and Jupiter showing that you will feel lots of love and a happy to reciprocate as well.

Work and money

Venus, your professional planet stands in a low-key position at the outset of 2016 showing that you may have burnt yourself out in the previous few months and now need a new year of privacy and personal rejuvenation. This is accentuated by its conjunction on 9 January to Saturn which further puts the brakes on your professional activities. It could however also indicate travel away from your usual location for the purpose of conducting business. Mars moving to your profit sector on 4 January doesn’t take away from your desire to increase income and to make efforts in a roundabout way to improve cash flow.

You are more intense about improving workplace and professional conditions when on February 6 Venus makes a conjunction to Pluto. This is in your Sun sign and designates you can use your magnetic charm to improve your professional objectives. This is also spotlighted on February 10 with Venus trining Jupiter and then on the 17th moving to your finance sector. At this point and up to March 12 that you could see a pay rise or a definite increase improvement in work conditions.

Be careful of extra expenses when Mars moves to the 12th house on March 6. Communications and contracts can also be dicey around the 11th with Mercury conjunct Neptune along with the solar eclipse in your 3rd house of contractual negotiations. Journeys should also be thoroughly checked before you embark on any harebrained scheme that involves travel. Mercury in opposition to Jupiter on the 15th is not much better but by the 17th Jupiter trining Pluto shows you have the willpower and ambition to succeed in a big way.

Your speculative instincts are strong in April especially when Mercury enters your 5th house on the 6th and trines Jupiter on the 15th then Pluto on the 17th. Trust your intuition as this could be a lucky period we can see a distinct improvement and return on any investment. Caution should be your keyword after the 20th when the Sun enters the 5th house while Venus squares Pluto and in conjunction with Uranus between the 20th and 23rd. Mercury also goes retrograde on the 29th with Venus entering the 5th house on the 30th showing that the planetary positions are unstable and with retrograde Mercury facts and figures may not be in your possession to make correct decisions.

Work and environmental safety as well as other conditions relating to your comfort come into play around 21 May when Sun enters your 6th house and being in opposition to Mars on the 22nd could produce some fiery responses between you and your co-workers. Stand up for what you believe in but be careful of ruffling other people’s feathers. You may have a win of sorts when Mars transits your house of fulfilment on May 27. Forceful Communication on the 31st caused by Mercury trining Pluto works in your favour.

Deception and poor investments are likely in June particularly at the outset of the month around the 3rd when Venus squares Neptune and also opposes Saturn on the 4th. The square to Jupiter on the 5th is a 3rd testimony that it isn’t a good time of the month financially. Take a deep breath before throwing good money after bad. There is a strong need for you to realise your goals and ambitions by the middle of the month especially when Saturn trines Neptune, Mercury opposes Saturn and Mercury squares Neptune as well, 2 all between the 18th and the 21st. With the Sun moving to your 7th house of public relations and partnerships, you may still be at a loss to get things on track as Mercury squares Jupiter on the 23rd. A slight relief is possible on the 26th and thereafter when Jupiter trines Pluto, Venus trines Neptune and Mercury enters your 7th house. Mars moves to its stationary position on June 30 which is also a better testimony of receiving the green light.

July and August are important months of the year to tie up loose ends with respect to shared resources, investors’ money, banking and finance. You need to make some changes relating to interest payments and the way you structure your salaries as well as other incoming and outgoing monies, depending on whether or not you are an independent business person. Do what’s necessary as this will help you reduce overheads and make your bottom-line much more profitable. This takes place after the Sun moves to your 8th house and several other aspects including Mars in conjunction with Saturn on August 24 lend support.

Venus moving to your 10th house gives you the attractiveness to achieve better positions within the workplace or perhaps to secure a new job. Contracts will need to be looked at but more importantly your ideals and work philosophy will come into question as the solar eclipse in the 9th house with the Sun squaring Saturn and opposing Neptune cause you to question yourself in your direction. Some unexpected developments in your work after 18 September are caused by Venus opposing Uranus.

Forceful and combative Mars makes you exceedingly competitive with it its transit to your Sun sign on September 27. Fortunately you have a softer aspect from Venus trining Neptune on October 2 and Mercury’s entry into your 10th professional sector on October 7 counteracting this Mars influence nicely. You want to bite off more than you can chew and then start chewing local crazy with Mars in square to Jupiter on October 6. This indomitable spirit of yours continues with the conjunction of Mars and Pluto on October 19 and the Sun moving to your 11th house on the 23rd ensures that you should at least when one of the battles in your professional war.

You will be dealing with power trippers and those who are trying to do your head in around November 25 with Jupiter squaring Pluto. Venus in conjunction with Pluto on the same date could indicate a woman may try to undermine you, one who’s playing double dealings. Be careful of those whom you trust during this cycle.

Better opportunities await you at the end of the year with Mars trining Jupiter on 2 December, Venus moving to your zone of income and the Sun trining Uranus. These aspects occur between the 1st and the 12th. Mars moving to the 3rd gives you immense courage and the power to say no when necessary. Luck is on your side as Christmas comes around but you should be careful of not showing off by lavishly spending when you don’t actually have the resources to do so.

Karma, luck and meditation

Mercury makes you capable of intellectually thinking about your spirituality and using a rational approach to drawing your own conclusions about what is right for you on your path in life. On the 9th when Mercury enters your Sun sign you’re more likely to be thinking about spiritual matters and this is after its retrograde motion which ceases after the 26th. Thereafter, in April Mercury enters your 5th house, and other first-rate spiritual house which gives you the opportunity to use your intuition, and foresight to determine exactly what you want in life. As well is being spiritual in nature, this can help you in a practical sense.

Venus enters your 5th house on April 30 forming favourable aspects to the Sun on May 8, and then entering your marital sector on June 18 which indicates good karma likely in your area of relationships. You may not necessarily have everything you want, but you can connect with others, more importantly your spouse or lover, on a spiritual or philosophical level to your satisfaction.

On June 27 when Venus trines Neptune, you educate yourself further and will have some really amazing insights into the truth and reality of life and your place in the scheme of things.

Personal transformation takes place when planets, especially friendly ones like Venus move through your 8th house and both Venus and Mercury do this on July 12 and 14th respectively. They come into conjunction on the 17th and once again you’re able to gain valuable insights into your own psychology and that of others. This is a time for releasing old useless and outdated emotional baggage that have no purpose in your life anymore.

Jupiter continues its transit through your 9th house of higher mind and spirituality up until September therefore you can use this along with the North Node or karmic point, also transiting this part of your horoscope, to your distinct advantage spiritually. Many of you born under the sign of Capricorn will clearly move away from traditional forms of religion to arrive at your own brand of practical, free thinking spirituality.

The 12th house of the horoscope, similarly to the 8th house is one where when planets are transiting, indicate personal transformations, meditation and yoga are attractive to you and this area is triggered after October 18 with Venus transiting and then Mercury also entering this same space on November 13. A retreat or spiritual pilgrimage for some of you may be on the cards.

As Mercury moves to your Sun sign on December 3 your intellectual understanding should peak and this should be a time when if not outer financial benefits will be a strong as you might have expected, you’ll at least have an insight into exactly what you want and will feel peaceful about things within yourself.

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