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About Aries

About Aries Zodiac Sign

General characteristics of Aries

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac. The signs is found between the wet of Pisces constellation and east of Taurus. It is represented as the ram with which traveled with Frixio and Hele, when they left their homeland to reach Colchis. It was back then the golden ram. Arietis is the brightest star among his double stars may be pointed out; Υ Arietis, ε Arietis and λ Arietis. Aries also contains two red dwarf starts (the stars Teegarden and TZ Arietis) that are found within the 40 stars closest to the solar system.

Aries people are full of energy and enthusiasm, they have vitality, enjoy living, they undertake new things, pioneers, and have strong desires. Intuitive, daring, genuine, dynamic, energetic and adventurous; they love dares, freedom and new ideas. They like to win, being spontaneous and offer help to a good cause. The Aries can be selfish and impulsive, they also do not like to fail or to make mistakes.

At the place of employment Aries offers useful ideas for the work that he does based on their ability to make good contacts. Career fields that favor people born under Aries are, business, mediator, sales, public relations or lawyers.

In love, Aries people usually have a high sex drive and love with great passion. Their relationship is based on loyalty and mutual commitment, he or she will be absolutely faithful and will also require that their significant other is faithful in return. Aries are dedicated parents willing to do everything they can for the well-being of their children and families. There are no other mothers or fathers more protective of their children in the zodiac.

Element: Fire

Ruling planet: Mars

Gemstones: White Quartz , Snowflake Obsidian , Amethyst , Diamond and Ruby

Colors: Every shade of red

Most compatible signs: Leo and Sagittarius

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